SmartCar announced a novel new way to connect to your Tesla today called TeslaBot. In a nutshell, it is a Facebook Chatbot that connects to your Tesla Model S or X via Tesla’s open APIs and can do much of what Tesla’s own app can do, often faster…

For me this is a great way to interact with my car on a desktop Mac or PC using an interface (Facebook Messenger’s) I’m used to.

However using voice commands on mobile will give users a new way for controlling or getting access to their Tesla. In some quick testing this morning, the service worked as advertized. It even has some tricks if you tell it that you are bored.

Some screenshots:

Venture-backed Smartcar is still in stealth out of their Mountain View offices. This is just the beginning, according to founder Sahas Katta, “We used an Machine Learning engine to train it to the thousands of ways people may ask something.  We’re excited to see what developers will build on the Smartcar platform in the future.”

Hyundai is using Smartcar’s platform for it’s Ioniq EV and their entire family of Bluelink vehicles too. We’re excited to see where this technology leads.

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