Tesla updated its online design studio last night and removed any trace of options for ventilated seats, which were introduced last year in the automaker’s own in-house ‘Tesla Premium’ seat options.

The option was first introduced in the Model X with the new seats, which eventually trickled down to some of the version of the Model S.

The idea was to have vents circulating air within the seat cushion in order to cool the seats in warm weather.

Some owners were complaining that they couldn’t detect a real air flow from the seats even when setting the option to “high” in order to cool them.

They even tried to demonstrate the lack of air flow with some not-necessarily-scientific tests:

Well, the option is gone for now anyway.

It was previously listed in the ‘Premium Upgrades Package’ on the online design studio for the Model S and X, but it was quietly removed last night without Tesla offering a reason for the change.

The automaker has been streamlining its options for custom orders over the last few months and this move could be part of that.

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