Elon Musk once said that Tesla’s fleet of vehicles is ‘zombie apocalypse proof’ because the Supercharger network is connected to solar power installations, so even if the grid goes down , you’d be able to travel.

Sadly only a few Supercharger locations are now equipped with solar panels and energy storage systems as the company decided to focus on increasing the number of stations to support its growing fleet.

While we wait for the Supercharger network to be coupled with more solar power (obviously for other reasons than a potential zombie apocalypse), there are other ways to survive a zombie infestation.

If there’s something that the latest season of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ taught us, it is that if you blend in with the zombies, they will leave you alone.

It’s exactly what Norway-based car wrap expert Scandinano accomplished with a recent Tesla Model S project.

The Model S pictured above and below has a stock white paint job from Tesla, but Scandinano applied a custom wrapping using 3M’s latest car wrap technology and the result is a stunning zombie homage to ‘The Return of the Living Dead’ –  complete with a Tesla logo covered in blood.

Of course, that’s the sort of things you can get tired of rather quickly, but that’s the magic of a car wrap, you can take it off and you have the original paint job underneath.

Here’s a gallery of the vehicle – all picture credit go to Scandinano:

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