model s paravan robotic arm

A Germany-based company, Paravan, is a leader in the electric wheelchair market and related accessories to adapt vehicles for people with disabilities. While they mostly work with vans and trucks, their latest product makes almost any car with enough trunk space extremely practical for someone using a wheelchair.

They installed it in a Tesla Model S to illustrate the functionalities of the product and the range of vehicles it can be installed on.

A robotic arm, called Robot 3000, can automatically lift a wheelchair (up to 25 kg – 55 lbs) from the trunk of a vehicle, then it moves the chair to the driver’s side and extends it all the way to the driver’s door.

Of course, it will also open and close the trunk automatically.

Paravan says that it can be installed in “almost any car”, but the Model S’ large cargo space is ideal for the system. Robot 3000 is able to get a wheelchair in and out of the electric vehicle without bumping into anything.

A reader sent us the following video from Paravan:


It also reminds us of another robotic arm – though used for another purpose, it also has interesting proprieties for people with disabilities since they wouldn’t have to get out of their car to charge it:

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