In his latest letter to reservation holders, Lit Motors CEO Daniel Kim confirmed that the startup has been granted 9 unique patent applications in the U.S. for its auto-balancing electric vehicle (AEV) technology.

The patents cover a range of applications from the vehicle’s gyroscopic stabilized system to its intuitive drive-by-wire steering system.

The core technology behind the AEV consists of two control momentum gyroscopes (CMG), which use gyroscopic torque to keep the two-wheeled vehicle in an upright position at a complete stop, automatically lean into turns and even counterweight in the instance of a collision.

In December, Lit Motors said that it had over 1,000 reservations for its AEV C-1 auto-balancing electric vehicle , but it still can’t offer production or delivery timeline, which is still dependent on “engineering development & testing, design freeze, supply chain, assembly line development, and financing”.

Kim said that his recovery from his recent hip replacement is going well and he should be back to work full-time at the startup soon.

Here’s the full letter:


It’s been a good start to this new year. The hip replacement performed in November was successful and my recovery has been textbook predictable. After 9 weeks, I am walking again with no walking aids and weekly physical therapy. I am nearly back to full-time work. Thank you for being patient with my recovery. I have vowed never to ride a motorcycle again unless it is in an AEV C-1. I am working on getting my cardio back and rebooting in preparation for the deep dive.

Some great news on the C-1 development front: we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel in the development of the equations of motion for the drive-by-wire steering. We hope to see successful simulations over the next month or two. Be poised to give David Bailey a huge round of applause as the “Godfather of modern CMGs.”
In other great news, we have been granted 9 unique patent applications in the U.S., and more patent applications are in examination! This is a huge win for Lit Motors, securing our IP protection for the next 17-20 years on the gyro stabilized two-wheeled AEV platform. You can research our core tech on the link below.
I want the future of transportation on the road just as much as you do. I am eagerly looking forward to getting back to work and making 2016 a year to remember.
Daniel Kim

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