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Tesla is looking to expand in Russia, starting with Moscow and St. Petersburg, says local media


Tesla has been eyeing the Russian market for a while now. The company was first planning to deploy Superchargers in the country last year, but it has been pushed to this year based on the 2017 Supercharger expansion plans – pictured above.

Now it seems the automaker is getting ready to also expand in Russia with showrooms in Moscow and St. Petersburg, according to a report from local media. Expand

Tesla owners in Russia (~300 of them) built their own service center since Tesla is not officially in the country


Importing a vehicle in a country where it’s not officially available can always offer some challenges, but arguably even more so when it comes to importing a Tesla. Not only it can be difficult to service or charge the cars without service centers or a Supercharger network, but when Tesla enters a new market, it also makes deals with local broadband companies to give an internet access to its fleet, which supports some of its unique features like over-the-air updates and the Autopilot.

Therefore, you need some motivated people to import a Tesla. We have seen a few examples around the world in the past few years, but never with the scale of what is going on in Russia at the moment. Around 300 people now drive Tesla vehicles in Russia and they joined together in order to overcome some of the limitations described above. Expand