kreisel Stories December 5, 2016


Kreisel Electric, a small startup launched by three brothers in Austria, has been making headlines in Europe for having retrofitted some popular European-built electric vehicles with their own battery packs and significantly increasing their range in the process.

The three Kreisel brothers developed their own battery pack technology using regular battery cells and they managed to double the energy density of every car they retrofitted, including a Porsche Panamera, a Skoda Yeti and a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Now their latest project, a VW e-Golf, could actually make it to production. expand full story

kreisel Stories May 10, 2016


Kreisel Electric, a little Austrian startup making some waves in the battery industry, announced that it started construction of a new battery factory to manufacture up to 800 MWh of high energy density li-ion battery packs aimed at the electric vehicle industry.

It’s not a Gigafactory with a 50 GWh planned output or with battery cell production, but it’s still a significant plant with 0.8 GWh planning to come online as soon as next year in Rainbach, Austria. expand full story

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