Electric car charigng Stories June 16

A new study found that more than one out of four public charging stations in the Bay Area were nonfunctional when tested. Depending on your own experience that may sound like a lot, or a little…

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Electric car charigng Stories September 22, 2017

With every new EV announced by German premium automakers, EV enthusiasts ask “but where is their Supercharger network?”

The new all-electric cars coming from German premium automakers in the next two years have little to do with their previous low-volume compliance electric cars. They had little to no reason to invest in charging infrastructure to support those like Tesla did with the Supercharger network, but that’ not the case for their new EVs, which are full-fledged vehicle programs with billions in investments behind them.

They need to step up their EV infrastructure to support those vehicles and in the absence of a Tesla Supercharger-like effort directly from the automakers, other companies are now stepping in. expand full story

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