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November 15

We had the pleasure of attending CoMotion LA: a fantastic event for transportation innovators, delegates, municipalities, vendors, and lawmakers to all connect and collaborate.

With conferences and meetings occurring at every hour, we were on the exhibition floor to bring you the new, the exciting, the quirky, and the bold new vehicles coming to a neighborhood near you.

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November 10

William Shatner will tell you that Pedego has been synonymous with electric beach cruisers for a long time. Their folding Pedego Latch model is unique enough for special attention, and similar enough to the “Pedego feel.” However, in one special aspect I believe it outweighs its peers, both inside and outside Pedego’s lineup.

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November 6

The Tower Beach Bum is not only easy only the wallet (being direct-to-consumer), it’s also easy on the eyes and backside as a purposeful beach cruiser. While it’s not on the forefront of e-bike tech, it’s value proposition is compelling enough to get Mark Cuban’s stamp of approval as a key investor in Tower.

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October 30

If you’ve never heard of a friction drive electric bike system, there’s a good reason. Past systems have been described as “gutless,” “incomplete,” and “useless in the rain.” With this condemning backdrop, a small company from Quebec has shattered expectations with the feature-rich 300c from Alizeti.

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October 17

The AM1 is a simple, easy-to-use e-bike with the smallest battery I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely an eye-catcher, and I felt very nimble and agile with the position and equipment. The bike’s performance was above what I expected for its price range.

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October 4

The Batch Bicycles E-Commuter has accomplished the impossible: Create a Bosch Powered electric bike for less than $2,000. But on top of this, they’ve done it with local dealer support and made a functionally eloquent bike as well. But how did they do it? expand full story

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