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BYD Seal begins pre-orders in China, starting under $32K, as a Tesla Model 3 competitor

Chinese automaker BYD Auto has officially begun taking pre-orders for its long-teased Seal sedan. The new EV model, anticipated by many to become a competitor to the Tesla Model 3, arrives in four different trim models and will be the first from BYD to include its new cell-to-body (CTB) technology.

May 11

Breaking: Carolina Long Bay offshore wind auction secures $315M in high bids

The US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) today held the lease sale for two offshore wind areas in Carolina Long Bay. Up to 16 prequalified bidders competed for lease rights for 110,091 acres off North Carolina’s and South Carolina’s shores. Together, they will result in at least 1.3 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind energy, enough to power nearly 500,000 homes.  

May 21

Einride teases a sleek new trailer at inaugural Mesh conference

During its inaugural Einride Mesh technology conference, autonomous EV freight company Einride introduced new software and hardware products. This included updates to its Saga operating system as well as the debut of the new Einride Trailer – a design concept that brings end-to-end payload intelligence along with added overall range from its integrated battery.

May 2

Here’s how a new US protectionist move is backfiring badly on the US solar industry [Update]

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) is investigating whether Southeast Asian solar cell manufacturers are using parts made in China that would normally be subject to a tariff. A group of bipartisan senators today joined most of the US solar industry in asserting that the DOC investigation will devastate solar businesses, as they rely on […]

April 28

ABB signs global agreement to provide its full portfolio of EV charging technology to Shell

Global technology company ABB announced a global framework agreement with Shell to provide its technology to help the latter grow its EV charging network. This agreement builds upon a collaboration of the two entities that began in 2019 and will include ABB’s Terra 360 fast charger.

April 15

Tesla’s Supercharger cost revealed to be just one-fifth of the competition in losing home state bid

New documents show that Tesla has a major cost advantage when deploying fast-charging stations as its Superchargers cost just one-fifth of what the average competing charging networks are paying to deploy new stations.

April 28

GMC Hummer EV pickup trucks are now selling for $250,000

The GMC Hummer EV pickup is hitting the sweet spot of hype and scarcity that is sending the price of new units in auction surging to now over $250,000 per truck.

May 14

Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week: One-seater mini electric dump truck

I’ll be honest, I’m not quite sure how to describe this thing. If a ride-on lawnmower and a dump truck made an illegitimate child in an electrical storm, this would probably be it. The quirky vehicle has the maneuverability of a shopping cart mixed with the utility of a wheelbarrow. It’s everything I could ever […]


Tesla lobbies for anyone with solar and batteries to participate in Texas’ energy market

Tesla has filed to change rules for grid operators in Texas in order to enable anyone with solar and batteries, including residential homeowners, to participate in the state’s energy market.

May 19

Tesla (TSLA) stock has fallen and some important investors appear to panic

Tesla’s (TSLA) stock has fallen significantly in the last few months, and even more so over the last week with the broader market and being removed from the S&P 500 ESG Index. Now some important investors appear to panic, and one is asking for a stock buyback program from Tesla.

May 20

Rivian R1T, The Electrek Review: There is nothing like it

Rivian gave us a loaner R1T for four days last week to drive around and enjoy. We took it from the Brooklyn delivery center through New York City, into the Adirondacks, and back through the mud, suburbs, and traffic. For background, we’re already gushing over the R1T from our first drive of it, naming it […]

May 12

Elon Musk is looking to finance Twitter acquisition without loans backed by Tesla shares as price falls

Elon Musk is reportedly looking to secure more equity for the acquisition of Twitter in order to proceed without billions of dollars worth of loans back by Tesla shares. It comes as Tesla’s share price has fallen to significantly.

May 18

Tesla (TSLA) falls off the S&P 500 ESG index as Elon Musk trashes the system

Tesla has been removed from the S&P 500 ESG index after CEO Elon Musk trashed the system that is supposed to measure the sustainability of a company or investment.

May 20

Tesla (TSLA) falls 10% amid ‘Elongate scandal,’ Musk denies the claim & challenges alleged victim’s friend

Tesla (TSLA) stock has fallen by as much as 10% today after the allegation of sexual misconduct against CEO Elon Musk came out, which is now being called the ‘Elongate’ scandal. Musk has now denied the claim and even challenged the alleged victim’s friend who shared the story.

May 10

Tesla recalls 130,000 vehicles due to CPU overheating, but the fix is again a software update

Tesla issued a new recall affecting almost 130,000 2021 and 2022 vehicles over a problem regarding the CPU of the center screen’s computer overheating. The good news is that the fix is again an over-the-air software update.

April 26

Chevy showcases new cab options for Silverado EV in just-released video

Today is Ford F-150 launch day, so the other electric truck makers are making some news, or trying including Chevy with a Silverado EV video that includes some new details on the 400-mile range pickup due next year. Namely some new bed cab options…

May 12

Renewables will break another global record in 2022 despite supply chain problems – IEA

New capacity for generating electricity from renewables such as solar, wind, and other clean energy increased to a record level worldwide in 2021. And clean energy will continue to grow in 2022, according to the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA).

April 28

The US generated a record 18% of its electricity from wind and solar in March

Last month, the US generated 18% of its electricity from wind and solar (59 TWh) for the first time. That beat the previous record set in March 2021 (53 TWh), according to new data from global energy think tank Ember.

April 29

Tesla issues ‘over-the-air recall’ on 48K Model 3 Performance vehicles over problem with ‘track mode’

Tesla has issued another “over-the-air recall,” and this time it’s on more than 48,000 Model 3 Performance vehicles over a problem with “track mode.”

May 2