Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that a long-anticipated feature is coming soon: the integration of your calendar inside your car to give navigation the ability to suggest destinations based on calendar events.

The automaker introduced calendar integration in version 6.0 of its software back in 2014.

But the use of the app has been somewhat limited on board Model S and Model X and even more so with Model 3.

Musk has been talking about more integration with Tesla’s navigation system and even Tesla’s mobile app for a while now.

It could finally be happening “soon” according to a new comment by Musk on Twitter today:

If we understand this correctly, Tesla’s navigation system would prompt owners with destinations based on events in their calendar – saving them the step of entering the destination in the navigation system.

Currently, if you have an address in a calendar event in your Model 3 (synced through your phone’s calendar), you can press on the address to add it to the navigation system.

But based on this comment, it would be even more intuitive by being “predictive”.

It adds to the many new features that Tesla is supposedly going to release “soon”.

Version 9 of the company’s vehicle software is expected to be released in the coming weeks and it should include several new features, like integrated dashcam using Autopilot cameras, as well as a new Autopilot interface with new features.

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