Tesla started pushing a new software update over-the-air to its fleet this week.

While several important new features have been promised in recent weeks and months, those are not coming with this update, but the automaker is nonetheless releasing a few minor convenience features – as well as a new language option.

In the latest update (2018.4.1), Tesla updated its tire pressure indicator to now offer the option to choose to display BAR or PSI units.

Tesla owners can tap CONTROLS > Settings > Units & Format and set TIRE PRESSURE to BAR or PSI.

A convenience feature was also introduced with the release of 2018.4.1. When starting a drive in your Tesla, the steering wheel will automatically warm up if you had it set to ‘Heated Wheel’ during the most recent drive.

Finally, Canadian Tesla owners now have access to change the language option of their vehicles to ‘Canadian French’.

Tesla already built its UI in French for owners in France, but it didn’t release the feature in Canada despite having a growing market in Quebec, where the majority of the population speaks French.

Now it was released with 2018.4.1 and it also works with voice commands.

Tesla owners can change the language by going to CONTROLS > Settings > Language & Units. then, select Français Canadien for the LANGUAGE and the NAVIGATION LANGUAGE.

Several more software updates are expected as per Musk’s recent comments, including a major navigation update supposedly ‘light-years ahead’ of the current system, completing the Model 3 user interface, and several more features in his latest Tweetstorm a few weeks ago.

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