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This startup just launched an ‘affordable’ fully electric smart RV based on the Ford E-Transit


Who says you can’t adventure in style with zero emissions and at a reasonable price? Grounded, a Detroit-based electric RV startup, launched the first fully customizable smart electric RV, the Grounded G1, on Thursday; it’s based on the Ford E-Transit. And the best part is that the electric RV is offered at an affordable price through its subscription model, with deliveries expected to begin in April.

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Lightship unveils L1 electric RV trailer, capable of maintaining the full range of the EV towing it


A young all-electric RV startup called Lightship looks to turn a lucrative yet stale segment in recreational mobility on its ear beginning today with the official debut of its L1 electric travel trailer. This purpose-built design is loaded with modern day innovations in aerodynamics, electric efficiency, and renewable energy could not only disrupt the RV industry, but truly change the way we approach the camping experience using an all-electric, sustainable eco system. Not to mention it looks sleek as hell. Be sure to check out the full launch video from Lightship below.

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Winnebago is offering test drives of its all-electric RV prototype decked out with solar panels

Winnebago electric

During this year’s Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, legacy RV and motorhome manufacturer Winnebago unveiled its all-electric, operational RV prototype called the eRV2. This zero-emission RV evolved from Winnebago’s eRV prototype and is being used for test drives to gather feedback from consumers before it reaches its final production-intent design. You’ve gotta check this thing out.

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Your future camping expeditions could be in this off-road electric RV called the Adventure 1

Electric RV

A Canadian EV startup called Potential Motors is working to bring a unique off-road electric RV to market in a limited volume. The company’s flagship model, called the Adventure 1, is launching this month ahead of production in 2024. It has some unique features you won’t want to miss. Check it out.

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Check out this solar electric RV that is both a camper and an electric boat… and an e-bike

betriton camper

Electric campers have a certain charm to them, being able to explore the open road powered by the free sun rays beaming above you. But what if you could combine that freedom with the versatility of an electric boat and an electric bike? That’s exactly what Aigars Lauzis sought to capture when he designed the BeTriton electric camper.

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Electric Airstream concept is the RV industry’s ‘iPhone moment’

Thor industries just revealed its new electric Airstream concept, and made every other RV on the market – even the ones announced a few short hours ago – seem like antique relics of a distant past. The new “eStream” travel trailer revealed today is the iPhone on January 9, 2007, and everything else is … well, everything else.

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Electric motorhomes are coming: a new RV powered by solar panels and 91 kWh battery pack

With the electrification of transport reaching vehicles like a 110-ton Komatsu dumper, it’s difficult to understand why battery-powered motorhomes are not a thing yet. The new VW electric microbus comes close to it, but it lacks the size and functionalities of a motorhome.

Now a new prototype of an actual full-size electric motorhome shows that it’s possible. Expand