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REE Automotive taps Microvast as battery supplier to its modular EV platforms

REE battery

EV mobility developer REE Automotive has publicly revealed who will supply the battery packs to its modular platforms. Microvast has signed a supply agreement with REE to provide its high-energy lithium-ion battery packs to “Powered by REE” modular EV technology as the latter works to bring commercial EVs to market, beginning with the P7 platform.

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Volta trucks sells over 300 all-electric trucks totaling more than $92M in revenue

Volta electric trucks

Ahead of its start of series production next quarter, commercial EV startup Volta Trucks announced it has locked in customer orders for over 300 of its all-electric Volta Zero trucks. These orders alone secure a huge chunk of the company’s overall production targets for 2023, representing customer demand and cause for optimism as Volta Trucks finally looks to begin initial EV deliveries and expand to additional markets.

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Volkswagen Commercial doubled EV deliveries in 2022, led by tremendous ID.Buzz demand

Volkswagen deliveries

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has released its annual numbers for 2022 and is reporting strong output for its vehicles, including a doubling of EV deliveries dominated by the ID.Buzz electric van. Better still, the number of Buzz vans delivered last year is a mere fraction of what Volkswagen already has in its order books.

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Pilot Co. will expand charging network to heavy-duty EVs with help of Volvo Group

Pilot EV charging

Pilot Company and Volvo Group have signed a letter of intent to co-develop a charging network across Pilot and Flying J travel centers, catered specifically toward medium- and heavy-duty EVs. Both companies look to reduce carbon footprints on populated roadways by overtaking some of the infrastructural roadblocks currently inhibiting widespread adoption of commercial EVs.

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BYD brings its ultra-safe Blade Batteries to the commercial EV world with new eBus platform

BYD Blade Batteries

During a presentation at IAA Transportation in Germany this week, Chinese EV manufacturer Build Your Dreams (BYD) has shared a myriad of new commercial EV technologies that will initially debut in Europe. The most prominent of the bunch is BYD’s new eBus platform, which is powered by BYD’s durable Blade Batteries, currently being used in its passenger EVs.

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From drawing board to assembly line in 12 months: Volta Zero truck nears series production

Volta truck production

Commercial EV startup Volta Trucks has shared another major milestone in its lightning fast 12-month journey in bringing its flagship Zero truck into production. The very first Volta Zero truck has rolled off its assembly line in Austria, kicking off a series of validation prototypes for customers before full commercial production next year.

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Einride officially launches its autonomous freight in EU’s largest transportation market

Einride Germany

EV freight technology company Einride has announced its expansion into Germany, the EU’s largest transportation market. The company will bring its electrified and autonomous freight shipping technology to the country, backed by a new Einride regional office and local logistical hubs. It also has a list of German partners already in place.

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Einride announces five-year plan to provide electric trucks to Beyond Meat’s US shipping network

Beyond Meat Einride

EV freight technology company Einride has announced what feels like a match made in heaven. The autonomous and connected electric truck maker will provide sustainable, plant-based meat company Beyond Meat, with a number of electric freight vehicles to support its shipping network as part of a five-year plan to scale the sustainable operations across Beyond Meat’s entire US operations.

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REE Automotive unveils Class 3 box truck powered by its P7 electric chassis and REEcorners

Modular transportation developer REE Automotive has debuted the P7-B, a novel Class 3 box truck designed and built by REE to target the most in-demand vehicle type in the commercial segment. The truck sits atop REE Automotive’s P7 cab chassis and is powered by the company’s proprietary REEcorner technology.

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Volvo Trucks to construct charging network throughout California for medium- and heavy-duty EVs

Volvo Trucks charging network

Volvo Trucks North America is joining forces with a bunch of other companies, including Shell Recharge, to implement a fast-charging network on the West Coast dedicated to supporting medium- and heavy-duty commercial EVs. The California Electrified Charging Corridor will combine several major metropolitan cities across Northern and Southern California with high-powered charging infrastructure.

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AMPLY Power partners with Lightning eMotors to deliver OMEGA charging software to fleets

AMPLY Lightning eMotors

AMPLY Power announced the deployment of its new “Powered by AMPLY” Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, beginning with a new partnership with commercial EV manufacturer Lightning eMotors. Lightning eMotors’ future EVs will feature AMPLY’s OMEGA charge management software.

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The world’s first electric timber truck has been delivered in Sweden, and it can haul 80 tons

electric timber truck

In what the companies are calling a “world’s first,” commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania AB has delivered its first electric timber truck to SCA – Europe’s largest private forest owner. The all-electric timber truck has a massive capacity of 80 tons and represents Sweden’s next step in becoming an entirely fossil fuel-free society.

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Einride gets NHTSA approval to operate its autonomous electric trucks on US roads

Autonomous trucks US

Autonomous EV freight company Einride has received approval from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to operate its Autonomous Electric Transport (AET) trucks on public roads in the US. These Pod trucks will begin driving under a public road pilot operated by a Remote Pod Operator.

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Einride teases a sleek new trailer at inaugural Mesh conference

Einride Trailer

During its inaugural Einride Mesh technology conference, autonomous EV freight company Einride introduced new software and hardware products. This included updates to its Saga operating system as well as the debut of the new Einride Trailer – a design concept that brings end-to-end payload intelligence along with added overall range from its integrated battery.

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REE Automotive shares robotic assembly update and teases walk-in van prototype


Electric vehicle technology company and platform provider REE Automotive has offered two updates to its progress in the commercial EV segment. First, REE has proven its cloud-based robotic assembly approach and is on schedule to implement it in the UK followed by the US. Additionally, REE has teased its first commercial EV developed alongside JB Poindexter subsidiary, EAVX. REE Automotive and EAVX’s walk-in van prototype will begin customer evaluations this summer.

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Lightning eMotors partners with Perrone Robotics to provide autonomous fleet EVs

Lightning eMotors autonomous

Lightning eMotors announced a partnership with Perrone Robotics to integrate Level 2 and Level 4 autonomous capabilities into its medium-duty electric fleet vehicles. By utilizing Perrone’s TONY retrofit autonomy kit, Lightning eMotors can now offer Class 3-7 commercial EVs that can self-drive in a range of scenarios.

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Volta Trucks confirms it’s bringing its electric trucks to the US beginning in mid-2023

Volta Trucks US

Commercial EV manufacturer Volta Trucks has shared a roadmap outlining plans to bring its all-electric Zero trucks to the United States next year. Its strategy will include the 16-ton Volta Zero truck to begin, followed by Class 5 and 6 variants. Additionally, Volta Trucks is searching for a manufacturing partner on US soil to begin building the Zero trucks before year’s end.

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Volta Trucks unveils the 7.5- and 12-ton variants of its fully-electric Volta Zero

Volta Zero trucks

Commercial EV manufacturer Volta Trucks has publicly debuted two new variations of its 16-ton Volta Zero. The forthcoming 7.5- and 12-ton variants will complete a four model range Volta Zero trucks and provide smaller and more maneuverable transportation to commercial fleets compared to their larger predecessors.

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Hitachi Energy is using its expertise to bridge gap between transportation fleets and utilities to ease the transition to electrification

Hitachi Energy

During a recent live virtual event on LinkedIn, the Head of Hitachi Energy North America, Anthony Allard, and Hitachi America Chairman and CEO, Hicham Abdessamad, spoke on the global technology company’s focus on promoting sustainability throughout all its segments. As a climate change innovator, Hitachi’s executives point out the impending challenges the transportation sector faces, and outline solutions the company provides to commercial fleets and the transportation sector, calling for the collaboration of leaders in both private and public sectors.

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Einride partners with Maersk to electrify over one million shipments over the next five years

Einride Maesrk

EV freight technology company Einride has announced a new partnership with Maersk to provide its Freight Mobility platform to the latter’s fleet. The transition will include 300 Einride electric trucks in what the companies are calling the largest operational contract for electric heavy-duty road freight to date.

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The Shyft Group signs multi-year agreement with Proterra to power its Blue Arc electric delivery vans

Proterra Shyft Group

The “Proterra Powered” moniker continues to expand throughout the commercial EV industry, as The Shyft Group is the latest OEM to sign a multi-year supply agreement to use Proterra battery systems in its vehicles. Shyft Group will implement Proterra’s battery technology into its modular EV chassis and Blue Arc electric delivery vans.

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