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XPeng (XPEV) Q4 EV deliveries slip, but hopes are high with P7i launch, expected ChatGPT tech


Leading Chinese smart EV manufacturer XPeng (XPEV) released its Q4 and full-year 2022 earnings Friday, showing a drop in EV deliveries by over 46% in the quarter and missing expectations. Despite a bleak Q1 outlook, XPeng remains confident in future growth with new excitement around the P7i launch and smart technology such as embedded ChatGPT technology.

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XPeng opens orders for G9 SUV and updated P7 sedan to these four countries in Europe

XPeng Europe

Chinese EV automaker XPeng Motors officially launched two new models in Europe today – the long anticipated G9 SUV, and an optimized P7 sedan featuring added range and faster charging. Both XPeng EV models are on display at the eCar Expo in Stockholm this weekend and will begin deliveries in four countries throughout Europe later this year.

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XPeng (XPEV) expands service network ahead of EV sales in 3 new markets in Europe

XPeng Europe

Chinese EV automaker XPeng Motors has shared plans for four service and delivery centers coming the next few months that will soon serve customers in additional markets of Europe. Although the automaker has had a sales footprint in Norway for years, it has waited to begin EV sales in other markets in Europe. With the start of sales in three additional countries scheduled for this quarter, XPeng is implementing the proper network to support them.

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Here’s how Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto EV deliveries compared in 2022


The world’s largest EV market, China, continues gaining momentum as automakers – domestic and foreign – are racing to claim their share in the auto industry’s future. Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto, three Chinese EV leaders, reported strong delivery numbers in 2022 despite ongoing supply chain disruptions. Here’s a look at how their deliveries compared this past year.

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XPeng’s G9 arrives as first unmodified, mass-produced EV to qualify for autonomous robotaxi testing

XPeng robotaxi

Just over a month after officially launching its G9 SUV in China, XPeng Motors has announced its latest EV has received a permit for autonomous driving tests on public roads. According to the Chinese automaker, the G9 is the first unmodified, mass-produced commercial vehicle to qualify for such tests and is on its way to implementing an XPeng robotaxi network in the future.

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XPeng 1024 Tech Day 2022 recap: Neural net autonomous driving, robotaxis, and ‘flying car’ footage

XPeng completed its fourth annual 1024 Tech Day in China today, highlighting several of its latest technological breakthroughs in electric mobility. The presentation included several advancements in autonomous driving, robotic animals, and self-evolving AI platforms. Additionally, XPeng Inc. shared that its sixth generation eVTOL – the closest thing we’ve seen to an actual flying car – completed its maiden flight. Lots to unfold here, so let’s get started.

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Watch XPeng AeroHT complete its first international ‘flying car’ flight in Dubai with the X2 eVTOL

Flying car dubai

XPeng’s urban air mobility (UAM) company AeroHT has demonstrated huge progress for eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) vehicles by showcasing its fifth-generation X2 ‘flying car’ publicly taking off, flying, and successfully landing during a demonstration in Dubai. Additionally, the company offered a progress update for its sixth-generation flying car, which is an actual car with wheels that drives and can take off and fly. Check it out.

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XPeng G9 trims updated with new options and prices to meet high customer demand (and alleviate confusion) before launch

XPeng G9 prices

Just days after officially launching its G9 SUV, XPeng Motors has completely revamped the naming system of its trims, offering two new versions and different prices. The Chinese automaker has cited tremendous customer demand as the reason for the changes, but the overhaul also addresses confusion surrounding which G9 configuration delivered which standard features. Here are the changes.

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XPeng officially launches G9 SUV equipped with 15-minute fast charging and an ADAS that can top Tesla FSD

After sharing sporadic details since last fall, XPeng Motors has officially launched its new G9 SUV in China, featuring some of the most cutting edge technology overseas. In addition to sharing how the trims break down, we’ve included some of the unique features on the XPeng G9 including ultra-fast charging, advanced ADAS that could be the best in the world to date, and vehicle-to-load capabilities. Oh and pricing, check it out.

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XPeng challenges Tesla FSD with City Navigation Pilot, ‘China’s most advanced’ Advanced Driver Assistance System

XPeng Tesla

Chinese EFV automaker XPeng Motors announced it has launched a pilot program for its City Navigation Pilot (NGP) Advanced Driver Assistance System. With its debut, XPeng claims to be the first Chinese company to deliver such an “high-level” ADAS for complex urban driving, continuing to challenge Tesla’s Full-Self-Driving (FSD) technology overseas.

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Former Apple engineer takes plea deal for stealing self-driving trade secrets before working for XPeng

Apple secrets

Former Apple engineer Xiaolang Zhang has pleaded guilty to trade secret theft after being accused of stealing information surrounding Apple’s self-driving technology. Zhang would go on to work for XPeng Motors in China, which has publicly stated it has zero involvement with Apple or Zhang’s case.

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XPeng shares G9 features – charging 200 km of range in 5 mins, ‘immersive 5D experience,’ and 480 kW chargers


Chinese EV automaker XPeng Motors has shared additional details of its upcoming G9 SUV – a vehicle it is pegging as the “world’s fastest-charging mass-produced EV.” We’ve also have our first glimpse of the G9 interior, which will feature XPeng’s Xopera immersive media system. As a result, nearly 23,000 people have reserved the upcoming SUV in the first 24 hours.

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Watch XPeng’s latest video of an AeroHT eVTOL that you drive like a flying car

XPeng flying car video

Urban air mobility (UAM) company AeroHT continues to make progress toward the “flying car” it has promised to deliver by 2024. XPeng Huitian (aka AeroHT) recently posted a video to Weibo demonstrating an eVTOL prototype taking off, flying around, and being maneuvered like a car. It has the XPeng Motors steering wheel and everything – check it out.

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XPeng goes from four-wheeled EVs to four-legged robots with $100M in Series A funding

XPeng Robots

XPeng Robotics, an affiliate of XPeng Inc., has announced an agreement to receive over $100 million in Series A capital funding, led by a group of longtime investors. The fresh financing will enable XPeng Robotics to further its R&D in robotic hardware and software and talent acquisition while accelerating product development. XPeng expects to have its dog-like robots in people’s homes within the next two years.

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XPeng teases video of City Navigation Guided Pilot: Is it a better ADAS than Tesla FSD beta?


Ahead of its official release in China, XPeng Motors has posted a teaser video showcasing the engineering (beta) version of its City Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP). The one-take video shows XPeng’s P5 sedan driving autonomously from XPeng HQ in Guangzhou to the city center, demonstrating a number of ADAS functions. If and when it reaches mass production, City NGP could offer a legitimate challenge to Tesla FSD beta.

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XPeng suspends P5 reservations in Europe citing issues with export timeline

XPeng P5 Europe

Chinese EV automaker XPeng Motors announced it has suspended all P5 reservations and pre-orders in the four countries in Europe it currently has a presence. The decision comes just months after the company opened reservations for the P5 overseas. Citing foreseen export timeline issues, XPeng will shift its focus to the P7 sedan.

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First drive with the XPeng P7 and P5 through the Netherlands

XPeng Netherlands

As Chinese EV automaker XPeng continues its market expansion into Europe, it has already set up shop in the Netherlands with the intent to inevitably begin sales there. While XPeng determines whether to bring its P5 or P7 sedan to the Netherlands first, I got the chance to visit the country, test them both out, and give feedback. Here’s how it went.

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XPeng Motors announces starting EU pricing for P5 reservations

XPeng EU pricing

Following the opening of reservations in four European markets last month, XPeng Motors has shared what pricing EU customers can expect to see after they put a deposit down on a new P5. Three of the four EU countries XPeng now calls home are accepting deposits on P5 reservations, with Norway to follow later this spring.

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XPeng Motors rolls 100,000th P7 off assembly line in less than two years, celebrates with special ‘Black Label Edition’

black XPeng P7

EV-dedicated automaker XPeng Motors is celebrating the production of its 100,000th P7 sedan, claiming to be the first Chinese EV brand to do so. To mark this production milestone, XPeng will release a special “Black Label Edition” P7 featuring an entirely dark exterior.

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XPeng Motors opens P5 reservations in four European countries alongside a new ‘Experience Store’ in the Netherlands

XPeng P5 Reservations

Chinese EV automaker, XPeng Motors, is expanding its presence in the EU by opening reservations of its P5 smart EV to four countries – Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. The P5 is the third production model to arrive from XPeng, and its reservations are joined by news of an “Experience Store” which just opened in the Netherlands – the automaker’s second showroom in Europe.

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XPeng to expand presence in Europe as it announces retail agreements in the Netherlands and Sweden, teases P5 sedan

XPeng Europe

Following entry into the Norwegian EV market last year, XPeng Motors is expanding to the Netherlands and Sweden, opening branded retail stores. XPeng’s business model for Europe combines direct sales with an agency model, delivering branded retail locations almost immediately.

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Chinese part supplier orders super die-casting machines from Tesla partner, could NIO and Xpeng adopt one-piece manufacturing?

Chinese manufacturing Tesla

Guangdong Hongtu Technology (GHT), a part supplier to Chinese EV automakers like NIO and XPeng, announced it will begin developing a 12,000-ton die-casting unit with the help of Tesla supplier LK Technology. Recent responses from representatives at NIO and XPeng hint that they might soon be using GHT’s large, one-piece die-casting machines to manufacture their own EVs.

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XPeng unveils G9 SUV with X-PILOT 4.0 ADAS and ability to charge 200 km in 5 minutes

XPeng G9

EV automaker XPeng Motors unveiled its fourth EV today at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in China. The new electric SUV dubbed “the G9,” matches previous speculation about the vehicle, and it will arrive with XPeng’s latest technologies. This includes the company’s new EV architecture, ADAS system, and supercharging capabilities.

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