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REE Automotive taps Microvast as battery supplier to its modular EV platforms

REE battery

EV mobility developer REE Automotive has publicly revealed who will supply the battery packs to its modular platforms. Microvast has signed a supply agreement with REE to provide its high-energy lithium-ion battery packs to “Powered by REE” modular EV technology as the latter works to bring commercial EVs to market, beginning with the P7 platform.

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REE Automotive unveils Class 3 box truck powered by its P7 electric chassis and REEcorners

Modular transportation developer REE Automotive has debuted the P7-B, a novel Class 3 box truck designed and built by REE to target the most in-demand vehicle type in the commercial segment. The truck sits atop REE Automotive’s P7 cab chassis and is powered by the company’s proprietary REEcorner technology.

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EAVX, Morgan Olson, and REE Automotive share live demonstrations of Proxima electric van

One year after announcing a collaboration with JB Poindexter subsidiaries to develop commercial EVs, REE Automotive, EAVX, and Morgan Olseon have kicked off live demonstrations of the Proxima van – a joint prototype combining MO/EAVX’s new body and REE’s P7 platform.

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REE Automotive shares robotic assembly update and teases walk-in van prototype


Electric vehicle technology company and platform provider REE Automotive has offered two updates to its progress in the commercial EV segment. First, REE has proven its cloud-based robotic assembly approach and is on schedule to implement it in the UK followed by the US. Additionally, REE has teased its first commercial EV developed alongside JB Poindexter subsidiary, EAVX. REE Automotive and EAVX’s walk-in van prototype will begin customer evaluations this summer.

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REE Automotive introduces P7 fleet platform for mystery delivery company targeting 370-mile range

REE delivery platform

At CES 2022, REE Automotive announced the start of trials of its all-new EV platform specifically designed for commercial delivery vehicles and walk-in vans called the P7. According to REE, this new entirely flat platform was designed based on specifications from one of the world’s largest delivery companies.

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REE Automotive teams with Hitachi to bring scalable service platform to commercial EVs

REE Hitachi

EV startup REE Automotive announced a strategic agreement with Hitachi America Ltd. to help accelerate commercial fleet EV adoption. Together, the companies plan to co-create a scalable platform that can offer both Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) to support a new generation of connected commercial EVs.

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Electric powertrain maker REE forms business alliance with Toyota’s Hino Motors

REE Toyota

REE Automotive and Hino Motors, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Group, announced a business alliance to design and produce solutions in “next-generation commercial mobility.” The alliance will combine Hino’s experience as a commercial vehicle manufacturer with REE’s proprietary REEcorner technologies. The result should be a unique modular platform capable of serving a multitude of various purposes.

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REE Automotive announces collaboration with Magna

REE Magna

REE Automotive has announced a “strategic collaboration” with Magna International, which will allow both companies to explore the possibilities of fully modular electric vehicles (MEVs) and bring them to market. According to a press release, these MEVs will be based around the REEcorner technology and will don a “Powered by REE” brand.

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REE Automotive unveils new proprietary drive components

REE Automotive

Israeli EV startup REE Automotive, just unveiled its new approach to drive components and platforms. Named REEcorners, these proprietary systems fuse all of the vital parts of an EV together between the chassis and wheel. Combined with its modular EV platforms, REE Automotive sees its technology as a cornerstone for the future of electrified mobility.

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