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School districts embrace electric buses as the 200th Proterra-powered EV bus arrives in Indiana


Electric school buses are rolling out across the United States as school districts look to keep their students and the communities they work in safe and free of harmful emissions. In a significant milestone, Thomas Built Buses announced Wednesday that it has delivered 200 Proterra-powered electric school buses, with the latest going to Monroe County, Indiana.

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Proterra becomes the first EV maker to earn multiple zero-waste certifications

Burlingame, California-based Proterra, which designs and manufactures electric transit buses and electric charging systems, today announced that it has become the first EV maker to achieve multiple TRUE-certified zero waste facilities. That distinction got the stamp of approval from Green Business Certification Inc (GBCI), which independently recognizes excellence in green business industry performance and practice globally.

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The Shyft Group signs multi-year agreement with Proterra to power its Blue Arc electric delivery vans

Proterra Shyft Group

The “Proterra Powered” moniker continues to expand throughout the commercial EV industry, as The Shyft Group is the latest OEM to sign a multi-year supply agreement to use Proterra battery systems in its vehicles. Shyft Group will implement Proterra’s battery technology into its modular EV chassis and Blue Arc electric delivery vans.

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Van Hool double-decker electric bus with Proterra battery drives 2,500 miles from Florida to California on public chargers

Van Hool electric bus

North American motor coach seller ABC Companies has announced another successful trip across the US, this time using a Van Hool TDX25E all-electric bus. The double-decker motor coach was “Proterra Powered” and traveled 2,524 miles from Winter Garden, Florida, to Costa Mesa, California, using only public charging stations. This latest trip further showcases the potential of battery-electric buses, even larger models like the TDX25E.

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‘Proterra Powered’ electric bus travels 1,700 miles using only public chargers, exceeding 300 miles during certain legs

Proterra electric bus

ABC Companies, a North American motorcoach seller, announced it has completed a 1,700 mile trip across the Pacific Northwest using a Van Hool CX45E all-electric bus. The electric bus was “Proterra Powered” and traveled from Newark, California to Seattle, Washington and back using only public charging stations. The trip helps showcase the potential of battery-electric bus capabilities, as well as the growing charging infrastructure to support long-distance electric vehicle travel in the US.

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Proterra announces long-term supply agreement to provide battery tech to Nikola Tre trucks

Proterra Nikola

EV technology company Proterra continues to expand its rolodex of commercial EV customers, as Nikola Corporation has recently joined the fold. As part of a new multi-year supply agreement, Proterra will provide its proprietary battery technology to power Nikola’s Tre BEVs and FCEVs.

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Proterra to provide battery systems to at least 600 Vicinity Motor Corp. commercial EVs by 2024, including transit buses

Proterra battery

EV technology company Proterra has announced a large, multi-year agreement with commercial EV manufacturer Vicinity Motor to provide battery systems to hundreds of future commercial vehicles. As part of the supply agreement, a minimum of 600 Vicinity Motor EVs will be powered by Proterra battery systems through 2024, including transit buses and Class 3 to 5 commercial trucks.

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Rivian, Volvo, and 56 others urge Michigan governor to support electric trucks and buses

Rivian Michigan

The Electrification Coalition delivered a letter to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Wednesday, backed by 58 businesses, including Rivian, Volvo, EVgo, and Arrival, to name a few. The letter urges the governor to join the Multi-State Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero Emission Vehicle Memorandum of Understanding, which would expedite the electrification of trucks and buses throughout the state.

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Maryland county transitioning to electric public school buses

Maryland’s Montgomery County plans to switch the entire public school bus fleet to fully electric from diesel engines. The transition is one of the largest in the US to date, and is expected to take 12 years. The green plan will completely replace all 1,400 current ICE buses. What’s most interesting about the deal is that it comes with virtually no additional cost to Montgomery County’s public school districts.

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Daimler first winner in Virginia’s massive V2G electric school bus procurement

In September, we reported on the tremendous news that Dominion Energy, an investor-owned utility operating in eight US states, would be buying a minimum of 1,050 V2G electric school buses over the next five years. The procurement would start with 50 school buses, then add 200 per year over five years.

Now the winner of the first phase has been announced, and congratulations are in order for Daimler’s Thomas Built Buses, who will be supplying 50 of its C2 Jouley all-electric buses (pictured above).