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NIO and CATL deepen partnership to advance battery longevity, expand to new markets


EV automaker NIO and world leader in battery manufacturing CATL held a signing ceremony in China this week in which the two companies deepen an existing relationship in order to improve EV battery supply chains, advance new EV brands and their respective technology, all while expanding to new markets. Here’s the latest.

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Here’s how Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto EV deliveries compared in 2022


The world’s largest EV market, China, continues gaining momentum as automakers – domestic and foreign – are racing to claim their share in the auto industry’s future. Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto, three Chinese EV leaders, reported strong delivery numbers in 2022 despite ongoing supply chain disruptions. Here’s a look at how their deliveries compared this past year.

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NIO CEO talks US sales, calls out Tesla products, and says he’s a better dancer than Elon Musk


In a recent interview with German media, NIO CEO William Li covered a plethora of topics pertaining to the relatively young Chinese automaker, including its expansion in Europe and its plans for the US, which may now be on hold. Speaking of the US market, Li had some bold (and funny) words to say about Tesla and Elon Musk.

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China’s NIO to compete in Europe with unnamed ‘smaller, mainstream’ brand of EVs after premium rollout

NIO Europe

As three premium EV models from NIO make their way to new markets in Europe, the Chinese automaker has already shared intentions to bring its second brand – still unnamed – overseas following its initial launch in China in 2024. The second NIO brand is expected to be a friendlier-priced, mass-market marque to further compete with other automakers in Europe.

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NIO boosting its EV battery lease business with swap station expansion across Europe

NIO swap station

Chinese EV automaker NIO has already rooted its flag in the soil of Europe, yet is still merely getting started with its plans to expand beyond its home turf. The company’s president recently shared that NIO plans to offer battery lease programs and a huge expansion of available swap stations as a strategy to entice more EU customers and gain a larger chunk of the growing EV market overseas.

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NIO is testing swap stations that reduce peak demand by sending energy back to the grid

NIO swap station

According to a recent Weibo post, EV automaker NIO is testing its latest generation of battery swap stations in China. Due to record temperature across the country causing energy blackouts, NIO has explained that some of its swap stations already have the technology equipped to act as “virtual power plants” supplying energy back to the local grid during peak hours.

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Latest NIO rumors: First phone to arrive next year plus a third brand targeting $15k EVs

NIO Phone

An ever-evolving stream of rumors continues to emerge from China around EV automaker NIO and what it will be delivering next. Following reports earlier this year that NIO would be developing its own phones, we’ve gathered the latest updates, as well as the automaker’s rumored plans for an additional brand aimed at delivering EV’s priced between $15,000-$30,000.

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The most expensive electric vehicles on the road in 2022

Most Expensive electric vehicles

In 2022, electric vehicle sales continue to boom. Nearly all legacy automakers have set end dates for manufacturing new combustion vehicles and have begun introducing all-electric options into their fleets more and more. This year alone, the world will see over twenty new electric vehicle models ranging from most expensive, to rather affordable. Below is a list of which EVs are or will soon be available, and how expensive they are.

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NIO reportedly recruiting positions to build a US manufacturing plant

NIO US manufacturing

According to a report out of China, EV automaker NIO is hiring a number of positions related to manufacturing vehicles in the US. The recruitment descriptions suggest the Chinese automaker intends to begin planning and erecting EV production facilities on US soil that may begin with either complete knock down (CKD) or semi-knock down (SKD) assembly methods.

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NIO is allowing customers enrolled in battery swaps to opt out and buy their EV batteries

NIO Battery swaps

Two years after launching its Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) model, NIO has amended its program to allow those customers enrolled in battery swaps to opt out and purchase their EV battery. NIO states that its decision is based off feedback from consumers who regret their BaaS enrollment, but explains this group remains relatively small.

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