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Lucid Gravity

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Panasonic Energy to supply batteries to Lucid Air, Gravity and build in US

Lucid batteries

Lucid Group and Panasonic Energy announced they have entered into multi-year agreements that entail the latter supplying lithium-ion batteries to both the Lucid Air and Gravity SUV. Part of the agreement supports Panasonic Energy’s plans to expand outside of Japan and begin production at a new facility in the US.

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Lucid Motors shares new images of Gravity SUV ahead of ‘early 2023’ reservations

Lucid SUV

Mere hours after sharing details of the final two versions of its Air sedan reaching customers this year, Lucid Motors has spoiled its audience with new details surrounding its upcoming Gravity SUV. Lucid shared the images you’ll see below during its livestream event this morning, as well as details pertaining to reservations, production, and some vehicle design news. Here’s what we’ve learned.

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Lucid Motors Q3 2022 results: $195.5M in revenue, 1,400 Air deliveries, and Gravity SUV reservations

Lucid Q3

Lucid Motors ($LCID) has posted its financial results for Q3 of 2022 ahead of its earnings call with investors later this afternoon. EV production and Air deliveries continue to grow while cash on hand continues to shrink. Still, Lucid Motors appears to be in good shape headed into 2023 as it looks to soon launch its second model, Project Gravity.

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Lucid Motors (LCID) will unveil its full EV lineup this month including Air Pure, here’s what to expect

Lucid EV

On November 15, Lucid Motors announced it will stream a global launch event called “In the Air and Beyond,” in which the American automaker will debut the final two trims of its flagship sedan – the Air Pure and Air Touring. Lucid is also promising progress updates regarding its business strategy and future EV models like its electric SUV. Here’s what to expect.

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Lucid Motors announces agreement with Gov’t of Saudi Arabia to purchase up to 100k EVs over the next decade

Lucid Air Saudi Arabia

Lucid Group has announced a new agreement with long-time supporter Saudi Arabia and its Ministry of Finance. Under the terms of the agreement, the Government of Saudi Arabia has committed to purchasing 50,000 EVs from Lucid Motors over the next ten years, with the option to purchase an additional 50k over that same timeframe.

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Lucid Motors’ Q4 earnings: 125 Air deliveries in 2021, 2022 production estimates slashed as much as 40% due to ‘supply chain constraints’

Lucid Motors earnings

Lucid Motors shared 4Q and 2021 financial earnings with investors today, alongside a 2022 outlook. While the automaker only delivered 125 of its flagship Air sedan in 2021, it has already surpassed that number in 2022. However, overall output is expected to be quite a bit lower than originally anticipated. Lucid now expects to produce 12,000–14,000 EVs this year, down quite a bit from previous estimates of 20,000.

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My powertrain and AMP-1 tours revealed a refreshing team culture at Lucid Motors behind the Air [Update]

Lucid tour

I recently had an exclusive opportunity to visit Lucid Motors’ powertrain manufacturing and AMP-1 facilities and test drive a Lucid Air Dream Edition (Performance). Inside and out of my detailed tours full of manic note scribbling, I had tons of time to mingle with members of the Lucid team, from manufacturing employees at AMP-1, to Lucid’s CEO himself. What I discovered was a company-wide focus on teamwork, efficiency, and the utmost quality – an ethos that is apparent when you view the Lucid Air sedan up close.

Update January 28th: Lucid Motors clearly feels strongly about the culture it has created and the talented individuals it employs, as the automaker has shared a new, five-part series showcasing five different employees. The new series, titled “Driving Ambition,” is now available to view on Lucid’s website and YouTube. You can also check out episode one below.

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A glimpse inside Lucid Motors’ new factory in Arizona

Lucid Motors factory

Lucid Motors is making strides toward delivering its foremost electric sedan this spring. Its production lines are beginning to come to life. This is all taking place in Casa Grande, Arizona, a 590-acre footprint and home to Lucid Motors’ new production factory.

The Lucid AMP-1 (Advanced Manufacturing Plant) will house the production and assembly of the California-based automaker’s upcoming Air luxury sedan.

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