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Genesis X Convertible concept: Dope or nope?

After the release of the Genesis Concept X Speedium, Genesis has unveiled a totally new vehicle, concisely named the Genesis X Convertible. Genesis was keen to observe the reaction of the present media, and is undoubtedly watching the public’s reaction through articles just like this one. With Genesis lending a listening ear, what do you think? Dope or nope?

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Hyundai Group will transform entire lineup to fully-connected, Software Defined Vehicles by 2025

Software Defined Vehicles

Following its “Unlock the Software Age” global forum earlier this evening, Hyundai Motor Group has outlined a detailed roadmap to transform its entire lineup of vehicles (gas and electric) across all brands into Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs) by 2025. This new era of vehicle technology will allow HMG to constantly evolve along with its vehicles, which will be able to stay up-to-date via over-the-air updates. To support this new era, the Group has already committed to spending 18 trillion won (~$12.5 billion) to establish a new Global Software Center and accelerate SDV development.

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Genesis customer receives new GV60 marking the automaker’s first BEV delivery in the US

Genesis GV60 US

It is the dawn of a new era for Genesis, at least on US soil. The Korean luxury marque has delivered its first GV60 BEV in California, which also happens to be the very first all-electric Genesis vehicle delivered in the entire country. With an entire blueprint for an all-electric future, more EV deliveries from Genesis are destined to follow.

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Hyundai Motor to invest $80 billion in future electrification with 17 new BEVs and a new modular platform

Hyundai Motor

During its 2022 CEO Investor Day forum, Hyundai Motor Group outlined its electrification strategy through 2030, which includes 17 new BEV models. The accelerated approach to electrification includes an investment of nearly $80 billion in hardware and software technologies, as Hyundai Motor looks to capture 7% of the global EV market by the end of the decade.

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Hyundai to begin EV manufacturing in the US with hopes subsidy bill passes

Hyundai US manufacturing

Hyundai Motor Group recently shared plans to begin manufacturing its Genesis GV70 EV in the US beginning in 2022. The electrified GV70 will be produced at Hyundai’s Alabama plant, and will mark the first EV manufactured in the US by the Korean automotive umbrella. With this decision, Hyundai looks to make a larger impact on the growing EV market in the US, and take advantage proposed subsidies for electric vehicles produced on US soil.

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Genesis announces all-electric future, ending new internal combustion models in 2025

Genesis electric

Luxury auto brand Genesis has announced its brand vision for the next 15 years, including an end to new ICE models in 2025 and plans for a 100% zero-emission lineup by 2030. Furthermore, the company offered a closer peek of its first GV60 electric vehicle and a glimpse of its X concept coupe. Oh, we also found an Easter egg hinting at a possible entry into air transportation someday.

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