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2035 combustion ban moves forward after Germany and EU reach agreement on e-fuels

2035 EU ban

Following talks that carried late into Friday evening, representatives from both the EU and member state Germany have relayed that an agreement has been reached in the proposed 2035 ban of new combustion vehicle sales that will now include exceptions for e-fuels. After 2035, some combustion vehicles can still be sold, as long as they run entirely on carbon-neutral fuel alternatives.

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EU bends to Germany’s demands, proposes separate e-fuels category in 2035 combustion ban

2035 ban

According to a draft proposal recently seen by the media, the European Commission has reportedly added an amendment to its 2035 combustion vehicle ban that allows for the sale of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles after the expiry, as long as they run entirely on climate-neutral e-fuels. This move is the latest chapter in a saga to ban ICE vehicles in the EU that has recently been stifled by countries insisting on the additional e-fuel exceptions, led by automotive juggernaut, Germany.

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Germany finds several allies in demanding changes to combustion car ban in EU

EU combustion ban

Following a meeting amongst transport ministers from several EU countries on Monday, Germany has now formed an alliance with Italy and additional territories in Eastern Europe in opposing the commission’s proposed ban on combustion cars by 2035 until exemptions are added for vehicles propelled entirely by carbon-neutral e-fuels. The saga continues.

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Volta Trucks approved to build and sell EVs in Europe ahead of series production in Q2

Volta Trucks Europe

Just over a month after announcing customer orders for over 300 of its flagship Zero electric trucks, commercial EV startup Volta Trucks announced it has secured the necessary certification to produce and sell its vehicles in Europe. This is welcomed news as the company is still aiming for a start of series production of the trucks next quarter.

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EU Commission working on e-fuel exemption for Germany to get combustion car ban finalized

EU car ban

The saga of getting the EU’s proposed ban on sales of new combustion cars by 2035 continues, and more details are in limbo than ever. Following Germany’s abrupt opposition to the ban ahead of its final vote (a mere formality) last week, the EU Commission has declared plans to include a role for e-fuels in the future with hopes it will be enough to regain Germany’s blessing. Here’s the latest.

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Volkswagen to focus on US battery plant while it awaits incentives of ‘EU Green Deal’

Volkswagen battery plant

Volkswagen Group is reportedly pausing previously laid out plans for battery plants across Europe as it awaits the EU’s response to the Inflation Reduction Act in the US, which could offer the Group up to $10.5 billion in incentives. For now, Volkswagen will continue it progress in choosing a location of a US battery plant while it awaits what sort of conditions and/or incentives will come into play in what is being called the “EU Green Deal.”

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Ford eliminates 3,800 jobs in European reinvention that’s ‘unapologetically American’

Ford jobs

Well, we knew this was coming, but not the exact magnitude it would entail. Following a scheduled discussion today, Ford of Europe has announced the elimination of 3,800 jobs – mostly in Germany and the UK – as it restructures its business overseas to support EV development. The leaning down also includes a complete rebranding of Ford in Europe to convey as much, to the point of being “unapologetically American.”

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XPeng opens orders for G9 SUV and updated P7 sedan to these four countries in Europe

XPeng Europe

Chinese EV automaker XPeng Motors officially launched two new models in Europe today – the long anticipated G9 SUV, and an optimized P7 sedan featuring added range and faster charging. Both XPeng EV models are on display at the eCar Expo in Stockholm this weekend and will begin deliveries in four countries throughout Europe later this year.

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ZEEKR plans ambitious 2023, including doubling sales, 2 new EV models, and entry into Europe

ZEEKR Europe

Young Chinese EV brand ZEEKR is looking to significantly expand its sales and global footprint in 2023, according to an internal letter outlining several of the Geely-owned marque’s goals. In addition to introducing two new EV models this year, ZEEKR is planning to enter key markets in Europe. It makes us wonder if the US could soon be next.

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Ford plans massive layoffs overseas in favor of EV development, inciting Europe-wide union threats

Ford Europe

New details of Ford Motor Company planning thousands of job cuts in Europe continue to emerge following a report from media last week. The layoffs will mostly affect those Ford employees working in vehicle development, especially in Germany and the UK, although job cuts to other Ford facilities are apparently in the works as well. The layoffs come as Ford looks to shift its production strategy to larger vehicles and EVs, but news of the cuts is already triggering unions in Europe to threaten to step in.

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XPeng (XPEV) expands service network ahead of EV sales in 3 new markets in Europe

XPeng Europe

Chinese EV automaker XPeng Motors has shared plans for four service and delivery centers coming the next few months that will soon serve customers in additional markets of Europe. Although the automaker has had a sales footprint in Norway for years, it has waited to begin EV sales in other markets in Europe. With the start of sales in three additional countries scheduled for this quarter, XPeng is implementing the proper network to support them.

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Ford looks to market American heritage to consumers in Europe with larger EVs

Ford EV Europe

Nine months after outlining extensive plans to bring more EV models to Europe, Ford Motor Company shared its intentions to use the transition to rebrand itself under a new slogan – “adventurous spirit,” which represents American values like freedom, the outdoors, and of course larger vehicles. Whether consumers in Europe will embrace American heritage remains to be seen, but Ford’s EV technology could certainly help.

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Toyota to launch five new ‘Bz’ BEVs in Europe as it works toward 50% EV sales by 2030

Toyota europe

During Toyota’s annual Kenshiki Forum, the Japanese automaker outlined a hardened strategy for electrification in Europe, which will include five additional fully-electric models to join the bZ4X overseas by 2026. Toyota hopes these BEV options will accelerate its sales goal of being 50% electric by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2040.

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Ford invests another $180M in powertrain plant to supply 70% of European EVs

European Ford

Ford Motor Company announced plans to invest an additional $180 million in its Halewood EV powertrain facility in northern England. As the American automaker looks to go all-electric overseas by 2030, the fresh fund will help bolster the plants output by 70%, which should in turn supply powertrains to a large majority of European Ford models by 2026.

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