ChargePOint Stories August 30

ChargePoint (CHPT), a leading EV charging provider, released its fiscal Q2 2023 earnings on Tuesday as industry expectations pick up on the heels of significant investments. The EV charging company beat forecasts as demand for electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure accelerates.

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ChargePOint Stories March 23

Toyota announced a new partnership with ChargePoint on electric vehicle charging in America ahead of the US launch of its bZ4X electric SUV.

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ChargePOint Stories March 15

One area of the EV experience that traditional automakers seem to have little thirst for is the DC fast charging network that recharges their cars over long drives or in cities where Level 1/2 charging is inaccessible. Volvo is now exploring its own DC Fast Charging network of sorts, and it’s teamed up with charging heavyweights Starbucks and Chargepoint to do so…

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ChargePOint Stories March 9, 2021

EV charging network ChargePoint and automaker Polestar announced what they call a “charging partnership.” The first product of the collaboration will be an integrated charging app for the Polestar 2 EV.

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ChargePOint Stories June 30, 2020

EVPassport is an upcoming app that promises $39/mo unlimited charging on major EV charge networks. The included networks are Electrify America, EVgo, Chargepoint, Hubject and Greenlots, along with some smaller regional networks on the US West Coast. The app plans to launch in “a few weeks” but is taking wait list signups now.

The app will start with support for iPhone and DC fast charging in the US at first, with initial support for 2,500 DC chargers. It will expand to Android later this year, along with European support (including IONITY). If all goes well, it plans to add Level 2 AC charging support next year.

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ChargePOint Stories May 30, 2020

There are a ton of low-end and mid-tier home EV chargers on the market and frankly most will do the job of getting your EV charged without burning your house down. But on the high end, there are really only two I would consider buying today: The Enel X JuiceBox($599) and ChargePoint Home Flex($699).

Both of these products come from established EV charging product makers and have Wifi connectivity for updates and monitoring your charge. Spoiler alert, I can easily recommend either but they do have some significant differences so prepare for a deep dive. And if you are a Tesla owner, a Tesla wall adapter might make more sense but these can save you money…

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ChargePOint Stories December 24, 2019

On December 16, 2019, California’s Office of Administrative Law approved amendments to its Electric Vehicle Fueling Systems Specifications. These rules ban operators of electric vehicle charging stations from billing by the minute at new 240Vac stations in 2021 onwards, and new DCFC stations 2023 onwards.

This is a huge blow to Electrify America and EVgo. Both firms bill by the minute for EV charging, leaving drivers with sticker shock and feeling ripped off by the end of the session. Chargepoint will also be negatively affected, as many of their site-host partners choose to bill per minute. And while Tesla already bills by the kilowatt-hour, California will also be requiring charging stations to physically display “on their face” important information about electricity cost and delivery, a move that will put the most burden on Tesla’s Supercharger stations.

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ChargePOint Stories August 12, 2019

North Carolina is now the 30th state to allow public EV charging companies to offer pricing by the kilowatt-hour (kWh), instead of charging per minute. The change was thanks to bipartisan legislation — House Bill 329, Renewable Energy Amendments — passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Roy Cooper.

The vast majority of Americans now live and drive in places where private companies are free to set up EV charging stations and offer pricing for actual kWh delivered to the vehicle. Tesla calls billing by the kWh “the most fair and simple method.” Any EV driver would agree, as all sorts of factors including the weather affect the speed an EV will charge at, making per-minute pricing something of a crapshoot as opposed to how many kWh (like ‘gallons of gas’) was actually delivered.

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ChargePOint Stories June 20, 2019

Yesterday the Maryland Public Service Commission approved a proposal from three Excelon-owned utilities in Maryland to deploy 850 charging stations on public-use land. The percentage of those that will be DC Fast Charge stations has not yet been determined.

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ChargePOint Stories June 18, 2019

Charging network EVgo announced today that it has reached roaming agreements with ChargePoint and EV Connect, making it easier for EVgo users to charge on those networks.

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ChargePOint Stories June 11, 2019

ChargePoint and Electrify America announced a roaming partnership today that will make it easier for EV owners to charge on both networks, using just one account.

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ChargePOint Stories June 10, 2019

Two weeks before Christmas 2017, US Charging network Chargepoint filed a patent infringement suit against its competitor SemaConnect. In its request for a restraining order against SemaConnect, Chargepoint claimed that its patents gave it the exclusive right to sell and operate networked EV charging stations in the US. Obviously this has large implications for the Electric vehicle market… expand full story

ChargePOint Stories May 24, 2019

Tesla warned in a filing this week with the DC Public Service Commission that its customers could be excluded from reduced cost charging in the District of Columbia. This is because Pepco, an Exelon company and the electric utility in DC, proposed to the Commission on May 13 that “any public electric vehicle charging station for which Pepco provides make-ready infrastructure must permit readily accessible charging by a broad range of EVs”. This would mean Tesla Superchargers would be ineligible for the wholesale electric rate that would be available to other private operators like Chargepoint & EVgo.

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ChargePOint Stories November 28, 2018

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is becoming big business and ChargePoint is a big part of that as it raises $240 million from Daimler, BMW and others to accelerate their charging station deployment. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories October 16, 2018

A week after announcing a similar deal in Europe, ChargePoint has unveiled a new “roaming partnership” with FLO to allow electric vehicle drivers to use both charging networks across North America with “a seamless charging experience.” expand full story

ChargePOint Stories October 9, 2018

Chargepoint and EVBox, two of the world’s largest manufacturers and operators of electric vehicle charging networks, have launched a partnership to offer roaming services between their electric car charging networks in Europe and North America. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories September 14, 2018

ChargePoint, already one of the biggest makers and operators of charging stations, announced a new pledge to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure by having 2.5 million charge points in operation by 2025. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories May 10, 2018

There’s currently a lot of talk about charge rate for electric vehicles as Porsche is preparing to bring its 350 kW charging technology to market and Tesla is throwing some cold water on their plans.

Now ChargePoint unveils a new 2 MW charging technology, but it will be for electric aircraft and semi-trucks – not passenger cars. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories April 24, 2018

Only a week after Walmart announced that it is partnering with Electrify America to deploy hundreds of electric car charging stations, competitor Target announced its own plans with Electrify America, as well as with Tesla and ChargePoint, to deploy “more than 600 chargers” at “over 100 stores.” expand full story

ChargePOint Stories February 8, 2018

Electric vehicle charging is turning into big business. ChargePoint, one of the leading electric vehicle companies, says that it is now delivering 8 GWh of electricity in over 1 million electric car charges per month. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories June 29, 2017

US-based electric vehicle charging network operator ChargePoint is in the midst of a European expansion and it is apparently having no problem finding financial support.

After having raised $82 million led by Daimler just a few months ago, they confirmed today having raised another $43 million for the European expansion.  expand full story

ChargePOint Stories June 27, 2017

ChargePoint, one of the largest electric car charging station makers and network suppliers, announced today a deal with GE to take over the management of their charging network.

It results in the quick addition of more than 1,800 commercial and about 8,000 residential charging spots to its network. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories May 9, 2017

We were excitted when ChargePoint unveiled its latest charging station technology earlier this year. It’s a modular system called Express Plus and it can enable a record-breaking charge rate of up to 400 kW.

The only problem is that ChargePoint doesn’t operate its own charging stations. Therefore, in order for those to get deployed, other companies need to buy them and operate them.

Well, the company announced today the first major deployment of those stations as InstaVolt in the UK announced that they signed a contract to purchase “more than 200 ChargePoint rapid charge systems.” expand full story

ChargePOint Stories March 2, 2017


While Daimler has been pushing its brands Mercedes and Smart into an aggressive transition in electrification, the German automaker had so far no great involvement in EV infrastructure. That’s about to change.

The company announced today that it is leading a $82 million round of investment in the major electric vehicle charging network ChargePoint. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories January 7, 2017


The Consumer Electronic Show, now only known as CES, is becoming a popular trade show for the automotive industry. The auto section was a significant part of the show this year and while it was light on new products, we decided to give ‘Electrek awards’ to the best of CES 2017 for electric vehicle products. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories January 5, 2017




Earlier today, Chargepoint announced that they would have a new liquid-cooled 400kW charging station available this summer. In a subsequent video, Chargepoint also showed a Tesla charging handle in one of their stations which was quite a surprise, to us, anyway.

We went straight to the source and got an interview at CES with CEO Pasquale Romano to get all of the details… expand full story


Update: We got to the bottom of the mystery with an interview with Chargepoint’s CEO

Today, Chargepoint announced a new 400kW charging capabilities that they say would add 100 miles of range per 15 minutes of charge.  While high-end Tesla’s can get that kind of mileage gains (and more) with current 145kW chargers, this could be a big boon for the industry if it were applied to trucks and busses, for instance where the 400kW = 100 miles in 15 minutes math works.

However, this morning Chargepoint published a YouTube video with something far more interesting for Tesla owners and prospective owners.

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Chargepoint, an independent EV charging station manufacturer and charging network operator, announced today that it is introducing a new 400 kW DC fast-charging infrastructure, which is faster than even the most high-powered stations announced by other manufacturers for deployment toward the end of the year.

The first stations equipped with the new 400 kW technology will be deployed this year and available to customers starting in July 2017, according to the company. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories September 15, 2016

Supercharger Drummondville

Forbes came out with one of the most misleading and biased articles on EVs I’ve seen (presumably) not put out by someone on an oil company payroll yesterday: ‘Who Has The World’s Biggest EV Charging Network? Trigger Warning: It Ain’t Tesla‘. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have seen it if ChargePoint, the company being discussed in the article, hadn’t shared it:

The title in itself, while sensationalist, is actually accurate enough not to be libel. There are charging networks out there with more charge points than Tesla’s own networks, which is great – especially because Tesla owners can happily use almost all of them, but then the author makes his point by manipulating the data and making plain false claims.

Update: Forbes has since heavily updated the article correcting some of the misleading information we pointed in this article. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories September 13, 2016


BMW and VW in partnership with ChargePoint, an electric charging station operator, announced that they completed the installation of 95 DC fast-charging stations in the US as part of a program launched last year. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories May 5, 2016


EV charging station maker and network operator, ChargePoint, announced that it closed a significant funding round with $50 million to expand infrastructure to new countries and ramp up its residential business. A couple of venture capitalist firms and electricity company Constellation Energy participated in the round of funding.

Since its inception in 2007, ChargePoint has raised $164 million. expand full story

ChargePOint Stories November 19, 2015

BlinkA major new partnership between Blink, BMW, ChargePoint, Nissan and EVgo was announced today at the LA Auto show. The five partners created the ROEV association with the goal to access all 3 charging networks with a single account.

Between them Blink, ChargePoint and EVgo operate more than 17,500 electric vehicle charging stations or about 91% of all stations in the US.

Full press release below: expand full story

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