Bird unveils new electric bike model, but the design looks suspiciously familiar

by Micah Toll

August 19, 2021

Bird Bike rolls out in style Bird’s aptly named Bird Bike features an elegantly designed diamond frame (or a still pretty decent-looking step-through frame in the accessible model). Anyone who has been around the e-bike block a time or two, though, will instantly recognize the design as particularly VanMoofian.

Bird’s Chief Vehicle Officer Scott Rushforth deftly skirted around the issue, saying: “The demand for consumer e-bikes has never been greater, and neither has the need for innovative vehicles that get riders excited about cycling. That was our north star when developing the Bird Bike. It has a sleek, aluminum alloy A and V-frame design that gives it a look that’s both familiar and cutting-edge.” Heh, “familiar.”

The Bird Bike will be available later this fall in the US, followed by a European release later this year. The bike will carry an MSRP of $2,299, falling somewhere in the middle of the pack for electric bicycle pricing.