Tesla Model 3 becomes ultimate off-road machine ready for Mad Max

By Fred Lambert

August 7, 2021

A salvaged Tesla Model 3 was modified by a bunch of tinkerers to become the ultimate off-road machine ready for Mad Max or the zombie apocalypse. A handful of maniacs at Grind Hard Plumbing Co. decided to build an electric off-road vehicle using a Tesla Model 3, which certainly shouldn’t be your first choice of vehicle for such a project.

They also cut out part of the hood to reveal the hexagonal holes that make the Tesla hood bumpier for safety. After adding some lights behind it, it looks very cool at night.

They completed the build with some very powerful LED lights that they were able to connect to the turn signals. After blacking out the parts behind the lights, it looks really sleek.

Apparently, it’s only the beginning for this new off-road Tesla Model 3 since the team plans to add “a full roll cage, spare tire rack and roof tent to make the ultimate off-road Tesla.”