Harley-Davidson’s electric bicycles roll out all over Europe in latest expansion

By Micah Toll

August 5, 2021

European prices of course won’t be cheap, with the models starting at €3,499 ($4,140). But then again Harley doesn’t make just any ordinary electric bicycle. The three models include top-of-the-line parts such as automatic shifting. They also include features that we haven’t seen on any other electric bicycles, such as a glove box(?!) on an e-bike.

On the low end of the range, the Serial 1 MOSH/CTY is the brand’s urban playbike. The 20 mph (32 km/h) MOSH platform is robustly constructed while offering just a single speed to simplify the drivetrain and keep costs down. While it’s designed to tackle a commute, the company also put their test rider to work jumping it around a skate park and taking it down stairs to prove its ruggedness. Europeans won’t get to enjoy its full speed though, as it will be limited to 15.5 mph (25 km/h) across the continent to conform to local regulations.

For a bit of a fancier option, Serial 1 offers the RUSH/CTY and the RUSH/CTY SPEED. The automatic electronic shifting from this models’ Enviolo continuously variable transmission means riders get the proper gear at the proper time, all without having to touch a shifter.

While all of the models use Brose’s latest S Mag mid-drive motor paired with a high-end Gates carbon belt drive, the RUSH/CTY Speed model ups the ante with a faster 28 mph (45 km/h) top speed. That makes it a class 3 e-bike in the US. It would be a speed-pedelec in much of Europe, though it isn’t clear if the higher speed model will actually make it to European shores.

What do you think of Serial 1’s e-bikes getting the Euro treatment? Let us know in the comments on our website. And check out my own test ride of these premium e-bikes in the following video.