Tesla Cyberquad review: A mini electric ATV that’s so much fun I stole it from the kids!

by Micah Toll

And while there’s still no clear date for when Tesla will eventually bring that awesome looking electric ATV to market, there’s a kids’ version that has already hit the ground rolling thanks to a partnership with Radio Flyer.

I had the chance to test out the Tesla Cyberquad for Kids recently, and I’m here to say that it’s so much fun even as an adult rider that it was hard to give up the saddle and let the kids have a turn riding it!

Keep in mind that the Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is ostensibly a kids toy, and so it’s nowhere close to the real thing in terms of size or power.

I’d call it about 1:2 scale or so. It’s large enough that I could still ride it, but I’m also 5’7″ (170 cm), so I’m not that far from kid-sized either.

My 6′ (182 cm) brother-in-law managed on it, though I think he’d fit better on the real thing.

But of course, this isn’t really designed for adults anyways, so the size makes sense.

My 8 and 10-year old nephews were a perfect match for it, once I finally let them have a go.