Super Soco CPx 55 MPH electric maxiscooter coming to North America

Micah Toll

August 18, 2021

Australia-based Vmoto’s Super Soco brand has become a popular two-wheeled electric vehicle option on several continents, and now the company’s largest and most powerful electric scooter is coming to North America.

The scooter boasts a top speed of 90 km/h (55.9 mph), making it capable of traveling on both urban and suburban roads. Particularly brave riders might even saunter onto small highways for short jaunts. The Super Soco CPx was designed to compete with 125cc scooters, and so far has proven to be a popular option in many countries since its 2020 launch.

Pricing for the scooter in Canada will depend on the battery setup. Two models are available with either a single or double battery pack. The scooter with a single 2.7 kWh battery fetches a price tag of CAD $6,900 (US $5,470) while the dual battery model is priced at CAD $8,700 (US $6,890). Prices will include a two-year warranty on the vehicle and three-year warranty on the battery and motor.

With 5.4 kWh of battery capacity, the dual battery model is rated for 150 km (93 miles) of range per charge. The battery packs are also removable to allow them to be charged remotely from the scooter. That can be useful for riders who don’t have access to a ground level wall plug, such as apartment dwellers.

Compared to most 125cc-class scooters, the CPx has much larger wheels, measuring 16″ in front and 14″ in the rear. It also has a fairly large seat designed to comfortably fit two riders.

The scooter’s features aren’t its only convenience though. Its Canadian vehicle classification should also prove interesting to many new riders. The scooter can be programmed to fit Limited Speed Motorcycle laws that reduce the speed to 70 km/h (43.5 mph) and require only a standard driver’s license to operate – no motorcycle license required.

To achieve this, the scooter’s 4,000 W continuous power can apparently be “programmed to a max continuous power of 1,500 W without losing its max power and torque,” according to the dealer. That’s throwing up all sorts of red flags in the engineering part of my brain (“continuous power” on an electric scooter is a somewhat arbitrary number thrown out there to regulators and for spec sheets, while “peak power” is an actual programmed limit that can be both calculated and measured), but I’ll let them work that out.

Any way you slice it, this will be welcome news to a North American market starving for more options in the medium and high speed electric scooter industry. While Canada is the belle of the ball today, Americans are surely hoping they’ll be next to enjoy Super Soco’s electric scooters and motorcycles. Maybe that day is now sooner than we think.