Ride1Up launches 28 MPH Cafe Cruiser dual-rider electric bike with low entry price

by Micah Toll

The new e-bike is likely to help expand Ride1Up’s reach beyond its existing urban-oriented market, with the brand now expanding further into comfort and lifestyle-type electric bikes.

Similar to nearly all of Ride1Up’s existing electric bikes, the Cafe Cruiser will be a fast and powerful e-bike.

A 750W hub motor and top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h) ensure that it will keep up with or surpass every other legal e-bike on the road in the US.

But unlike the rest of the brand’s offerings, the Cafe Cruiser takes on a much more feel-good cruiser vibe.

Available in either a step-through or step-over frame, the bike rolls on big ol’ three-inch balloon tires and mounts a sweptback cruiser-style set of handlebars.