Karma GS-6  PHEV review: Most striking vehicle with a plug?

By Seth Weintraub

June 3, 2021

Karma GS-6 PHEV

You might remember the Fisker Karma from its storied past. Fast forward over a decade since it launched, swap the model name for the make, and Karma’s latest iteration, the GS-6, is one of the best implementations of a plug-in hybrid we’ve seen.

Out went the GM E-Flex 4 cylinder motor, in came BMW’s more efficient 3-cylinder that it used in its i8 hybrid. Interestingly, the Karma doesn’t have gears or even a drive train. The motor just turns a generator, which sends electricity to the batteries and electric motor.

The batteries are still located along the center console of the vehicle, except they now give the Karma 70-80 miles of range, more than double the 33 miles of range the original touted. That’s quite impressive since the battery pack size only jumped from 20kWh to 28kWh.

Karma has also added a 45kW CCS combo DC fast charging port and says you’ll get to 90% charge in 35 minutes. Sadly the level 2 J-1772 plug maxes out at 6.6-kW which will require about 4+ hours to fill the 28kWh battery.

The interior is largely unchanged from the original. The big notable update is a solid CarPlay-enabled center stack and useful front display. There are some genuinely cool visualizations here, including a mesmerizing kW usage history and 360-degree visualization.

The trunk space is sadly small and maybe 18 inches deep. You’ll have a hard time fitting anything substantial beyond small bits of luggage in there. You might be able to get a set of junior golf clubs or a few backpacks. Groceries wouldn’t work unless laid flat.