Juiced Bikes launches new electric bike with heavily reduced pricing

By Micah Toll

August 10, 2021

Much like the original Cross Current X, the new step-through version will feature a powerful 750W Bafang hub motor with 80 Nm of torque. That motor offers a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h), pushing the CrossCurrent X Step-Through firmly into Class 3 e-bike territory in the US.

Technically speaking, the bike arrives as a Class 2 e-bike that is limited to 20 mph (32 km/h). But users can edit the bike’s settings via the display to unlock Class 3 riding. The bike even includes Race mode for non-public roads, where the speed is listed as “unlimited.” Gulp.

The bike will also come with a slew of high-end components, including both torque and cadence-based sensors for smoother pedal assist response, hydraulic disc brakes for stronger stopping power that requires less maintenance, a 9-speed Shimano cassette for more gear options, included front and rear LED lights as well as included rack/fender package.

Juiced Bikes is known for its higher-than-typical performance compared to its competitors, and the new bike is no exception. Despite rocking a 750W rear hub motor, Juiced outfitted the bike with a 25A controller that provides a peak-rated 1,300W of electric power.

The two main differences between the new step-through model and the existing Cross Current X are the frame design and battery capacity. The step-through frame makes getting on and off the bike easier.

The second major difference is the battery, which is rated for 52 V and 15 Ah, marking a total capacity of 780 Wh. That’s a bit smaller than the massive 1,000 Wh battery found on the CrossCurrent X, but is still rated for over 60 miles (100 km) of range when you use pedal assist.