High tech Tesla Cybertruck camper is raising money at astronomical $400 million valuation

by Fred Lambert

CyberLandr, a very ambitious high-tech camper designed for the Tesla Cybertruck, is raising money at an astronomical $400 million valuation.

Earlier this year, we reported that people had already started selling third-party Tesla Cybertruck accessories even though the truck is not on the market yet.

We noted that the project is quite ambitious, since it looks to cram a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and office in an automatically deployable camper out of the Cybertruck’s bed.

The idea is that instead of having a camper sit on top of the truck or in a trailer pulling behind it, the CyberLandr sits flush inside the Cybertruck’s bed, which is much more efficient and will have a much smaller impact on range.

That’s not actual money in the bank, but projected future sales based on the reservations that they received, which require a $100 to $5,000 deposit.