Funky e-bike review: The $999 DYU R1 electric bike looks odd but works great!

by Micah Toll

The DYU R1 electric bike certainly wins points for a unique design, but how well does it work? That’s exactly what I set out to find out when I began putting some miles on this interesting-looking e-bike a few weeks ago.

DYU R1 tech specs • Motor: 250W rear geared hub motor  Top speed: 25 km/h (15.5 mph) • Range: Up to 25 km (15 mi) • Battery: 36V 5Ah (180 Wh)  Weight: 20 kg (45 lb) with battery • Max load: 150 kg (330 lb)

DYU R1 tech specs (cont'd) • Frame: Aluminum • Wheels: 20 inches • Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes • Extras: Integrated LED head/tail lights, torque sensor for pedal assist, LED display, battery built into seat, locking seat post clamp, locking disc brake anti-theft device

As a semi-folder with rather low battery capacity, the DYU is very much an urban-oriented electric bike. But when used in its element, it packs in a lot of convenience.

That means you can still reduce the height of the bike to more easily fit in the backseat of a car or under a desk.

But when unfolded, the bike offers all the utility you’d expect of a 20″-wheel electric bike, complete with front suspension and a rear rack.

There are even some interesting security features built into the bike.