Elon Musk links Tesla’s current legal and regulatory troubles to its disruptiveness, lack of ads, and political contributions

by Fred Lambert

Elon Musk put its support behind the notion that Tesla’s current legal and regulatory troubles with several government agencies are due to the company’s disruptiveness in several industries, lack of paying for ads, and lack of political contributions.

The comment dismisses some serious accusations as just repercussions for Tesla angering the wrong people.

Over the last few months, some Tesla fans have complained about what they see as a ramp-up of regulatory oversight on Tesla.

They were all fixed with over-the-air software updates, and some Tesla fans that Musk promotes on Twitter have been pushing the idea that it is suspicious that the agency has been “so focused” on Tesla lately.

Then Tesla recently revealed that it was again subpoenaed by the SEC over tweets by Musk.

Now Musk backed on Twitter the growing conspiracy that this increased government oversight of Tesla is due to the company stepping on toes: