Believe it or not, electric cars aren’t the best-selling electric vehicles. These are

by Micah Toll

November 18, 2021

So why aren’t they a bigger part of the discussion on sustainable transportation alternatives?

For those that haven’t had the pleasure of learning about these fun electric two-wheelers, e-bikes are basically normal pedal bikes with the addition of a battery and an electric assist motor.

Sometimes it’s a low-power motor designed to help cyclists climb a hill easier, reduce the effort required to get to work, or lengthen a fitness ride for longer outings.

Other times, it’s a higher power motor complete with hand throttle like a motorbike that can actually replace the need to pedal altogether and function more like an electric moped.

Basically, it’s a vastly diverse industry with something for everyone. The common thread is that they all share electric motors and they all can be used to replace car miles – especially gas-powered car miles.