Mercedes-Benz unveils EQT electric minivan with interesting design

By Fred Lambert

May 11, 2021

Mercedes-Benz EQT

Mercedes-Benz today unveiled its EQT concept electric minivan with an interesting design, but the electric version has only a vague timeline to production. The ‘EQ’ sub-brand means electric for Mercedes-Benz, but the EQT concept is actually about a broader entry in the small van segment.



the German automaker plans to bring a T-Class van based on the concept, presumably powered by an internal combustion engine, and it will also have an all-electric option.


More to Come

The German automaker didn’t release powertrain specs for the vehicle, but again, it is only a concept for now. Mercedes-Benz did confirm plans to bring a T-Class to production based on the concept, but it sounds like it will start with a gas-powered one and the electric version will come “later."


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