Ford likely to have more EV sales than ‘all in’ GM for 2021, analyst concludes

by Scooter Doll

According to a recent research study by Morgan Stanley, Ford Motor Company is on pace to outsell General Motors (GM) in the EV market for 2021.

The research compares Ford’s EV sales through the first 10 months of this year against GM’s, while noting the latter’s halt to Bolt production.

Both Ford and GM have a longstanding history as household names in the global automotive industry.

Especially on US soil where both automakers are headquartered. At one point, they were two of the top three automakers in the world by market share.

With a changing of the traditional ICE guard for zero emission EVs, legacy automakers like Ford and GM (some more reluctant than others) pivoted their manufacturing and sales, and vowing for an all-electric future.