Volvo C40 Recharge review: Style and performance overcome one major downside

by Seth Weintraub

It’s hard to argue with the beauty and utility of the C40. It is intuitive. Getting in and out is easy, it is obvious how to work it right from the start. There are no rattles when slamming the doors, it’s a solid THOOMP.

The Frunk is what I’d call mid-sized at .7 Cubic feet and there is plenty of room for stuff like a charging cable (pictured below) or fix a flat kit. It also makes good secure storage for laptops bags and purses.

With those big tires and seven inches of ground clearance, it was too tempting to go off road, and the opportunity presented itself at Joshua Tree. Those big tires, AWD, 400+hp, and ground clearance along with MacPherson front suspension all provide for a very healthy ride. If I’m Volvo, I’m adding an off-road component (as well as fast charging example) to future media drives.

I don’t understand how this car only gets 226 miles of range on the EPA scale with a 75kWh battery. I asked around what the deal was and no one seemed to have an answer.

As of now, there aren’t a ton of options for the Volvo C40 in the US. There’s one body style, seven colors, and two variations on the Charcoal interior, with Fjord Blue Microtech available in some colors. That’s pretty much it. In other markets, a lower power FWD version is available at a lower price, and that variant will likely come to the US.