Tesla updates Model X with new darker wheels

by Fred Lambert

August 22, 2021

Tesla has updated the standard set of wheels available for the Model X to new darker wheels. But don’t hold your breath to get the electric SUV anytime soon. When Tesla unveiled the new Model S in January, the automaker also unveiled the new Model X, but the SUV has been gathering less attention.

There are several reasons for that. Mainly because Tesla focused production on the new Model S, and it has yet to deliver any new Model X as far s we know. Also, the older Model S was more due for a refresh than the more recent Model X, which was launched in 2015.

But there’s a brand new Model X coming in the next few months. Now we learn that Tesla has updated the online configurator for the electric SUV to include new Model X standard wheels (hat tip to Michael Potuck):

Since the update in January, Tesla has introduced new 20″ Cyberstream wheels as the standard wheels for the Model X. But at first, those Cyberstream wheels were a lighter color:

Based on a look at the Wayback machine, it looks like the change happened sometime between August 3 and August 11. However, it shouldn’t make much of a difference because Tesla hasn’t delivered any Model X during that time, as far as we know.

The automaker is believed to be affected by the chip shortage like the rest of the auto industry.

Tesla has been guiding for the first new Model X deliveries to happen this quarter, but the automaker has been seeing a lot of delays lately.

People who placed Model X orders earlier this year have kept seeing their delivery timelines pushed to later this year. For new orders, Tesla is now guiding March-April 2022 deliveries for the Model X Long Range and the same for the Model X Plaid.