Tesla updates Cybertruck with 4 motors, 4-wheel steering, and ‘crab mode’

by Fred Lambert

Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla is updating the Cybertruck with a four-motor configuration that is going to enable independent power at each wheel and four-wheel steering with “crab” mode, like the Hummer EV.

After being unchanged for two years since the unveiling of the prototype in 2019, the automaker was expected to update the specs and pricing before the launch of the production version in 2022.

Now CEO Elon Musk has confirmed some of the changes to the electric pickup truck starting with a four-motor configuration:

“Initial production will be a 4-motor variant, with independent, ultra-fast response torque control of each wheel.”

This will replace the originally unveiled tri-motor version of the Cybertruck that was supposed to be the first one to market at $69,900 and with over 500 miles of range.

It now gets an additional motor – one at each wheel. This seems to be a reaction to the market for electric pickup trucks that has evolved since Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck prototype back in 2019.