Tesla says it has put 2017 battery packs in brand new 2021 cars in strange warning

by Fred Lambert

Tesla has been adding a strange new warning about putting battery packs as old as 2017 in brand new 2021 Model 3 vehicles for sale.

With just a few weeks before the end of the year, Tesla is in the middle of a delivery wave to get the inventory as low as possible.

This includes selling demo and test drive vehicles.

Tesla sells those vehicles as new in its inventory, where they started to show up over the last few days.

Several people have been pointing out a very strange warning that Tesla has been adding to some of those Model 3 “demo” vehicles:

“This vehicle was built with a battery pack manufactured as early as 2017. While this pack was brand new when the vehicle was built, the cells have reduced capacity due to their age and you can expect up to 12% reduction in range from current production specifications.”

We were able to find several of those Model 3 sold in “new inventory” as demo vehicles on Tesla’s website.