Tesla releases new version of its mobile app with UI refresh and tons of new features

by Fred Lambert

August 25, 2021

Tesla is releasing today version 4 of its mobile app and it has a significant user interface refresh as well as a ton of new features. The Tesla mobile app has been an important asset for the automaker.

Owners managed most of their ownership experience through the app. It serves as a key to unlock Tesla vehicles, manage climate control, and much more.

In more recent years, the automaker has also included the service experience inside the app. The app truly highlights the level of connectivity that you can find in Tesla vehicles.

Today, Tesa has released the latest version (4.0) of its mobile app and it might be the biggest update to date. It includes a complete UI refresh giving the app a new look and a more streamlined experience for people who own many Tesla products, whether it be cars or energy products:

Here are the new features that Tesla lists in its official release notes: • Refreshed vehicle and energy homepage • Streamlined Summon experience • Enhanced phone key support – vehicle no longer needs to be selected • Send commands to vehicle immediately upon opening app • Use Go Off-Grid to seamlessly disconnect your home from the Grid with Powerwall • Shop the Tesla catalog and view and manage your orders (available in select countries) • View Supercharging history and ability to pay outstanding Supercharging or service balance (available in select countries)

More notes sent to Tesla employees also mention “IOS widget support’ and something about “MacGyver questions in the app” though it is not clear what it means. Tesla’s move to improve the Supercharger billing experience through the app also comes as the automaker is about to open the network to vehicles made by other companies. The new app can now be downloaded on Andriod Google and Apple store.