Tesla releases new Full Self-Driving Beta software update (10.10) to remove ‘rolling stop,’ address some corner cases and more

by Fred Lambert

Tesla has started to releases a new Full Self-Driving Beta software update (10.10) that includes several changes, including removing ‘rolling stop’, addressing some corner cases, and more.

The software enables the vehicle to drive autonomously to a destination entered in the car’s navigation system, but the driver needs to remain vigilant and ready to take control at all times.

Since the responsibility lies with the driver and not Tesla’s system, it is still considered a level two driver-assist system despite its name. It has been sort of a “two steps forward, one step back” type of program, as some updates have seen regressions in terms of the driving capabilities.

Tesla has been frequently releasing new software updates to the FSD Beta program and adding more owners to it.

As of Q4 2021, the automaker said that it almost had 60,000 owners in the FSD Beta program.

Tesla FSD beta 10.10 Now Tesla is releasing the new v10.10 of FSD Beta and it includes several improvements, including the ability for the vehicle to use an upcoming lane to try to avoid an object on the road if it is deemed safe.

This shows that Tesla is increasingly venturing into making sure that FSD can not only tackle regular driving maneuvers but that it is also prepared for some rare corner cases.