Tesla obtains patent for automatic tire inflation system for Tesla Semi electric truck

by Fred Lambert

Tesla was granted a patent for a new automatic tire inflation system enabling to adjust tire pressure in real-time in the upcoming Tesla Semi electric truck.

We reported on Tesla applying for a patent on the technology back in 2018 – shortly after the automaker unveiled the Tesla Semi electric truck.

While Tesla didn’t specify if it will be designed for cars or trucks in the patent application, the inventor listed on the filing, John Furtado, has been working on the Tesla Semi program for Tesla.

He was specifically working on “brakes, brake controls, pneumatics, wheel ends, wheels and tires” for the Tesla Semi.

The engineer left Tesla soon after submitting this patent to go work for his former employer Daimler Trucks, but he more recently came back to Tesla.

Many military vehicles and heavy workhorse trucks use Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (ATIS) in order to manage tire pressure and optimize driving on different surfaces.

However, Tesla describes “shortcomings” of existing systems in the original patent application: