Tesla Model S Plaid takes on Rimac Nevera in most insane drag race

by Fred Lambert

August 18, 2021

A Tesla Model S Plaid has taken on a Rimac Nevera in what is undeniably the most powerful drag race with production cars. Those production cars just happen to be electric. Now that there are a few thousand Model S Plaid vehicles out there, they are quickly becoming the new kings of drag strips all over the US.

It is widely recognized as the quickest production vehicle in the world. However, Rimac started delivering the Nevera and while it is a lot more expensive and produced in much lower volume, it is technically a production car and it is quicker than the Model S Plaid.

Brooks from the Youtube channel Drag Times got his hands on one of the rare Neveras and broke the quarter-mile record last week with a 8.58-second time. The Tesla Model S Plaid isn’t as fast, but it has been getting pretty close to the 8-second quarter-mile despite being a bigger 4-door sedan.

Now Drag Times produced the drag race that everyone has been waiting for: pinning the two fastest production cars against each other:

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Interestingly, the Model S Plaid is quicker off the start, but the Nevera catches up quickly and finished the first race on top with an 8.65-second quarter-mile against the Tesla’s 9.27-second time. But the quicker off the start instance might have been more a “behind the wheel issue” since the Rimac and Tesla were head-to-head during the start of the second race before the Nevera took the lead.

They finished 8.64-second and 9.31-second for the second race. It was more of the same for the third race. No matter how you slice it, it is incredible that these are the two quickest production cars in the world and they happen to both be electric.

On top of it, it is also impressive that Tesla is doing it with what is basically a luxury family sedan.