Tesla Model S Plaid gets a minigun in the frunk and night vision

by Fred Lambert

A Tesla Model S Plaid was modified to have a minigun in the frunk and night vision system. If you’re asking yourself, “Why?” I don’t really have an answer for you in this article.

While the weapon system doesn’t have much to do with coffee, Black Rifle Coffee is veteran-owned, so it made a bit of sense.

Richard Ryan at Fullmag wasn’t done with the Model X. He also purchased a Model Plaid to do something else with guns.

On top of a full wrap and rivets all around the car, they installed a working M134 minigun coming out of the Model S Plaid’s frunk (front trunk).

They partnered with Unplugged Performance, a Tesla tuner and accessory maker, to install a cross-section in the frunk to support the gun and install a power system.

They had to be careful because there was a risk that the minigun would have enough kick to trigger the airbags.