Tesla Model 3 tops list of 20 most affordable EVs to run according to 2022 EV Miles Report

by Scooter Doll

A recent 2022 report by Zutobi has ranked the top 20 most affordable EVs to operate around the world based on a number of factors.

This includes considerations such as battery size, cost to charge, and miles driven per given dollar amounts.

As the EV market continues to make its voice heard in the overall global market, more and more consumers are being exposed to the imminent paradigm shift and are starting to ask genuine questions about the possibility of actually owning an EV.

Welcome to the green side my friends, we’re glad you’re here.

While the top 20 will definitely give you a detailed look at how some of the most affordable EVs in 2022 compare side by side, we think the data could have been a bit more specific on which exact models were chosen in the study.