Tesla is testing a Lucid Air with over 500 miles of range on its test track

by Fred Lambert

We have seen many automakers benchmark and reverse-engineer Tesla vehicles, but rarely the other way around.

Tesla was spotted testing a Lucid Air – which has over 500 miles of range – on its test track at Fremont factory.

Lucid and Tesla have a long, tumultuous history.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who often welcomes new EVs on the market, hasn’t been impressed by the company based on previous comments.

He tried to diminish Rawlinson’s contribution to the Model S program ,and he said that a 500-mile range is not actually useful.

Now almost two years later, Lucid is slowly ramping up deliveries of its electric sedan, and apparently, Tesla is getting curious. A drone flyover of Tesla’s Fremont factory yesterday spotted what appears to be a Lucid Air being driven on the automaker’s test track