Tesla goes on motor design hiring spree for humanoid Optimus robot

by Fred Lambert

Tesla is going into a hiring spree for motor and actuator designers and engineers for its humanoid Optimus robot program.

The automaker is actually hiring more for the robot program than for its electric vehicles.

This level of priority is starting to be reflected in Tesla’s hiring effort.

Tesla planned on leveraging some of its existing expertise to build the robot. Musk claims that Tesla’s vehicles are already “robots on wheels,” and that a lot of the technology will transfer well.

After all, Tesla’s humanoid robot will be powered by batteries, electric motors, actuators, and power electronics – just like Tesla vehicles.

But even with technologies that Tesla is already familiar with, there are going to be new products to be developed. For example, Tesla has a ton of electric motor (rotation) and actuator (linear) experience, but it will have to develop new ones that match the specs of the Tesla Optimus robot.

Konstantinos Laskaris, Tesla’s long-time lead electric motor designer, announced a new hiring spree for his motor team for the humanoid robot program.