Tesla FSD 10.69 update rolls out with $15K price hike, but is it worth it?

by Jameson Dow

Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” software, which currently costs $12K, will get a $3K price hike to $15K on September 5 in North America, coinciding with the wide release of the 10.69.2 Beta update.

The early release version has just started rolling out to beta testers, and results are coming in to give us a sense of whether this update is worth the price increase.

It has been called a “major code change” and a “big step forward” by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who announced the price increase.

Given this apparent increase in abilities, Tesla has decided it’s time to increase prices again on the software. Prices will go up to $15K on September 5, though the “old” price of $12K will be honored for orders made before but delivered after September 5.

This price hike will only happen in North America – other regions are “safe” with the old price for now, because those regions tend to get Autopilot updates later than North America.