Tesla Cybertruck with updated design spotted on test track

by Fred Lambert

A new Tesla Cybertruck prototype with an updated design has been spotted on the automaker’s Fremont factory test track.

It’s the best look we had at the upcoming electric pickup truck in a while.

Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck back in 2019 and for the longest time, only a single prototype of the electric pickup truck has been spotted out in the wild and at Tesla events.

The vehicle program has been delayed with production now expected in late 2022. With that extra time, Tesla has been expected to update the electric pickup truck with new features and a slightly updated design.

More recently, the automaker disclosed that it has a few alpha prototypes of the updated Cybertruck, and it is soon moving to the beta phase ahead of production within the next year.

Now, we get a rare look at the latest Tesla Cybertruck prototype. A Youtuber going by Chile Al100 does drone flyovers of Tesla’s Fremont factory and spotted the new Cybertruck prototype on the test track behind the plant.

They managed to capture a good 10 minutes of footage of the automaker testing the new electric pickup truck.

The prototype appears to be brand new with some tape holding some of the trims and cables together. As for the updated design, there are a few things that are obvious, like the massive windshield wiper.